Foreign Scholarships

To develop the Knowledge Skills & Attitudes of employees of Western provincial council and to share experience and knowledge with other countries, Personnel & Training Division organizes foreign training programs annually. Other than that, Personnel & Training division is very keen to coordinate foreign training opportunities which come through external sources such as, External Resource Department” NGO’s, Universities etc. Nearly 200 officers of Western provincial council participate in foreign training programs and over Rs. 30,000,000. Is allocated annually to cater these capacity development opportunities.

01Foreign Training ApplicationDownload

Latest Foreign Training Programs

246Developing countries partnership scholarship for sri lankaDownload
245English proficiency for middle level officialsDownload
244China Development Bank Scholarship 2021Download
243Bilateral Seminar on the “Belt and Road”-From 11 to 31 May (Online)Download
242Australian Award Scholarship (AAS)-2022Download
241MOFCOM Scholarship Program in china 2021Download
240NUFFIC Scholarships Scheme – Government of NetherlandsDownload
239Scholarship for Masters Degree/Diploma certificates Under the Thailand International Postgraduate Programme(TIPP) for the year 2020
2382020 KOICA Scholarship Program for Master’s DegreeDownload
237Australia Awards Scholarships (AAS) Intake for Academic Year 2021Download
236“2020 Dream Together Master” Global Sport Management Graduate Program From August 2020 to June 2022 in KoreaDownload
235Rural development through creating Agricultural Value Chain (Value Addition to livestock product)Download
234Invitation to apply for ADB Scholarships to study Master of Science in Urban Planning and/or Master of Urban Design Programmes (2020-21) at University of Hong KongDownload
233Tropical Medicine Community Health Care and Research From 25th February to 16th March 2020 ThailandDownload
232Upcoming Training under the India Technical Economic Co-operation (ITEC) Scholorship Scheme of the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India for the Month of December 2019 to March 2020Download
231Regional Economic and Social Vitalization through Tourism Development from 08 to 28 August 2019 – ChinaDownload
230Seminar on Infection Diseases prevention and control for Developing Countries from 03 to 23 December 2019 – ChinaDownload
229Japanese Grant Aid for Human Resource Development Scholarships (JDS) Programme – Call for applications for the Academic Year 2020 / 2021
(closing date extended up to 01 of November 2019)
228Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship for Young Leaders Program (YLP)(School of Government) From : October 2020 to September 2021 – JapanDownload
227M A in Policy Economics – Williams College, USADownload
226Call for Concept Papers – 2021 KOICA-CIAT Capacity Building ProgramDownload
225Master Ph.D.(3 Years/5 Years) Programs – 2020 AdmissionDownload
224Japanese Grant Aid for Resource Development Scholarship Programme (JDS) Call for applications for the Academic Year 2020/2021Download
2232019 Seminar Immunization Planning & Vaccines Cooperation for Officials of Developing Countries from 08 to 28 August 2019 – ChinaDownload
2222019 Seminar on Tourism Management Sri Lanka from 11 to 31 October 2019 – ChinaDownload
2212019 Seminar on Cerebrovescular Diseases Prevention & Control for Developing Countries – from 27 August to 16 September 2019 – ChinaDownload
220Seminar on Construction & Management Industrial Park for Sri Lanka from Sri Lanka from 23 September to 13 October 2019Download
2192019 Seminar for public health Personnel of Developing Countries from 30 August to 26 September 2019 – ChinaDownload
218Maintenance Operation and Management of Irrigation Facilities (A) From 06 October to 30 November 2019Download
217Training Course on Grain Oil and Irrigration System Comprehensive Utilization Technology for Developing Countries 2019 – From 9th August to 27 September 2019 – ChinaDownload
216Education System for Children with Disability – Promotion of inclusive education system Utilizing of Experience Special Needs Educatiojn From 06th October to 09th November 2019Download
215Seminar on Energy, Environment & Hygiene Technology in Rural Areas for Government Officials from Developing Countries From 24 July to 13 August 2019Download
2142019 Seminar for Developing Countries on Policies of Attracting International investment (I) From 22 August to 11 September 2019Download
213JICA Long Term Training (Masters/Ph.D Programme)JICA JISNAS AGRI-NET Master’s Programme will be 02 years, Ph’D Programme will be 03 YearsDownload>
212Policy Planning and Project Management on Livestock Development for livestock Officials From 25th August to 03rd November 2019Download
211Training Course on Bee Production and Grain and Oil Crops Boosting Comprehensive Technology for Developing Countries – From 02nd August to 20th September 2019 ChinaDownload
210Road Development From 09th October to 16th November 2019Download
2092019 Seminar on the Belt & Road National Medical Equipment Management From 29th July to 22nd August 2019 ChinaDownload
208Tourism Development through Appropriate Management the World Heritage Site (A) From 08 September to 19 October – 2019Download
207Lifestyle – Related Diseases Prevention From 10 October to 02 November – 2019Download
206Upcoming Training under the India Technical Economic Co-operation(ITEC) Scholarship Scheme of the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India for the Month of August 2019Download
205Sustainable Wash Service in Rapidly changing context from 9th to 13th Audust 2019Download
204Non-Communicable Siseases (NCDS) Prevention and Control in Remote Island Regions – From 29 September to 23 October 2019Download
2032019 Semenar on Pharmaceutical Quality Control for Developing Countries – From 10th to 30th July – 2019Download
202Cattle Management for Milk and Meat Production Using Regional Resources – From 17 September to 21 November – 2019Download
201Upcoming Training under the India Technical Economic Co-operation (ITEC) Scholarship Scheme of the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India for the Month of May, June & July 2019Download
200Promotion of Non – Formal Education – From 19th November to 15th December 2019Download
199JICA Young Leaders Training, 2019 FY Agro Tourism Course – From : 21 August to 08 September – 2019Download
198Master Scholarship Programs with the Korean Development Institute School of Public Policy and Management – 2019Download
197Epidemiological Intelligence and Management Programme – From 02nd to 20th September 2019, MalaysiaDownload
196Thai Universal Health Coverage in Action – From 19th to 30th August 2019, ThailandDownload
195Environmental Management and Pollution Control – From 24th July to 06th August 2019Download
194 2019 KOICA Scholarship Program for Masters DegreeDownload
193Advancement of Solid Waste Management Technologies-From 07th July to 07th September 2019Download
192Food Safety Inspection and Certification Services – From 01st June to 14th June 2019Download
191Managing Gender Issues in Complex Societies-From 16th June to 22nd June 2019Download
190School Health – From 23th May to 29th June 2019Download
189Capacity Development of Local Government for Community Rebuilding in conflict Affected Countries – From 23 June to 11 July 2019, JapanDownload
188local Governance From 21st May to 29th June – 2019, JapanDownload
187Master of Infrastructure Planning & Development (MIPD) Korea – From – August 2019 to December 2020, KoreaDownload
186Capacity Development in Sustainable Tourism-Based on Japanese-From 11th June to 18th July 2019Download
185China Development Bank Scholarship – 2019 (Master’s Degree Programme and Chinese Language Programme)Download
184Post Graduate Programme in Public Policy and Management From 27th March 2019 to 23rd March 2020 – IndiaDownload
183NUFFIC Scholarship Scheme – Government of NetherlandsDownload
182Scholarships for Masters Degree/ Diploma Certificate Under the Thailand International Postgraduate Programme (TIPP) for the yaer 2019
1812019 KOICA Scholarship for Masters’s DegreeDownload
180Australian Award Scholarships (AAS) Intake for Academic Year 2020Download
179YOKOHAMA National University (YNU) Graduate School of Urban Innovation 02 Years Master Degree Program in Infrastructure Management – From October 2019 – September, 2021Download
178Best Available Technique (BAT) and Best Environmental Practice (BEP) under the Context of United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) – From 24th October to 14th November 2019 – ThailandDownload
177Gender Equality and Woman Empowerment Sharing Good Practices and Experience – From 26th August to 02nd September 2019 – ThailandDownload
176Community Empowerment to Promote Health Pregnancy and Children in the First Years – From 03rd July to 06th August 2019 – ThailandDownload
175Adapting to Climate Change: Facing the Consequence – From 02nd to 22nd July 2019 – ThailandDownload
174Low Carbon City Scenario Development and Implementation – From 14th August to 03rd September 2019 – ThailandDownload
173The Key Contributing to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS) – From 03rd to 27th September 2019 -ThailandDownload
172Regional Training Programme on Waste Management and Reduction of Marine Litter – From 18th March to 22nd March 2019 – SingaporeDownload
171Sufficiency Economic Practices in Community-based and Economic Development From 06th May to 07th June 2019 – ThailandDownload
170LICA LTTP:”SDG’s Global Leadersipm Program” Master’s /Ph.s Program & Combined Master’s & Ph.D. Program From October 2019 to October 2022, JapanDownload
168Comprehensive Care Management for Children and Adolescents Living ith HIV/AIDS – From 11th to 22nd March 2019: ThailandDownload
169Modern Technology for Sustainable Agricultural Systems (MoTSAS) From 23rd April to 09th May 2019 – ThailandDownload
165JICA Young Leaders Training Program, 2018FY Community Tourism Course – From 18 February 2019 to 03 March 2019 JapanDownload
167Irrigation and Drainage Technology Based on Integrated Water Management From 24th February to 07th September 2019 JapanDownload
166MA in Policy Economics – Center for Development Economics at Williams College From August 2019 to June 2020Download
164Upcoming Trainings under the India Technical Economic Co-operation (ITEC) Scholarship Scheme of the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India for the Month of December – 2018Download
163Scholarship Programmes at the Australian National University (ANU) – 2019/2020Download
162Upcoming Trainings under the India Technical Economic Co-operation (ITEC) Scholarship Scheme of the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India for the Month of November – 2018Download
161Scholarship opportunities – KDI School of Public Policy and Management – Spring 2019Download
160Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities in Community Activities.
-Training in Japan : From 14th January 2019 – 12th February 2019
-Training in Cambodia : From 12th February 2019 – 23rd February 2019
159Primary Healthcare for the Community From 29th September to 02nd October 2018 – SingaporeDownload
158The project for Human Resource Development Scholarship by Japanese Grant Aid (JDS). Call for applications for the Academic Year 2019/2020Download
157KOICA Global Fellowship Program for 2020Download
156Global Energy Technology Policy Professionals Program – From 01st March 2019 to 14th September 2021, KoreaDownload